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Pointers To keep in Mind Before Starting a Teleparty

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If you are new to Teleparty, don’t limit yourself to streaming all the shows and movies alone. Teleparty has come out with cool and new features such as synchronized playback, shared group chat, etc. Plus, you can stream all your favorite videos on Teleparty by including your friends and family members to have a Netflix Teleparty. But installing the Teleparty extension is a relevant part that takes place in organizing a Watching Party. 

Moreover, the particular thing that makes it special is the availability of a free Chrome plugin by which anyone having an active Teleparty subscription can use the service. The best part is that users don’t need to spend anything to access this Teleparty Chrome extension on your system. Furthermore, you need to pause your search about Teleparty Netflix, as here you can have all the relevant information about it. And these are working ability or functionality, Teleparty membership, and a few pointers before starting a Netflix Teleparty. 

How Does Netflix Teleparty Work?

Besides streaming TV in online groups, Teleaparty lets its users invite their friends and family to stream together. It won't be very good for you if you don’t know about its user-friendly features and working ability yet. Therefore,

1. Firstly, search for the Teleparty extension icon next to the address bar in your browser’s window. Remember, the Teleparty extension should have changed from gray to red.

2. Next, to start a Teleparty, click on the extension icon. And then, follow the directions in the pop-up box to avoid any mistakes.

3. In its features, it also gives you the option to get control over the watch party. For instance, control from video playback to allowing anyone to join the watch party.

4. In order to proceed further, copy the URL from another pop-up window and send it to your close ones to join you at the watch party.

5. As a representation of your appearance, it will give you an icon same as an avatar. You can modify or change this avatar anytime and your nickname.

6. It is equally for you and other invited watch party members to install the Teleparty Chrome Extension. Last, clicking on the shared URL redirects them to the part of the Netflix Teleparty and then toward the Teleparty symbol.  


How to Become a Teleparty Party Member?

Some simple steps lead you toward becoming a Teleparty member. If you are new to it, this information will be extremely helpful. Therefore, 

1. Begin by downloading the Teleparty Party add-on. You can easily find it on the Chrome Web Store.

2. Next, you need to enter your shared watch party URL. And then tap on it.

3. The watch party members can join the party by clicking the red ‘TP’ icon. The “TP” can be easily found next to the address bar.

4. The new users can choose a user icon and a username. So the other watch party members can easily recognize you in the Group chat.

Points to Remember Before Starting a Teleparty Party

It is relevant to go through some points before starting a Teleparty to avoid any streaming problems. As we discussed above, it came out with many advanced features, making it a bit comprehensive while using it. Therefore, here you have a few precautionary steps that you need to take into account:

1. Teleparty Should Be Widely Distributed

The first thing you need to remember is the necessity for you and other watch party members to log in via their Teleparty accounts. Hence, take a quick review and check whether everyone has signed up or not. Moreover, sharing a Teleparty membership across six devices might be possible. But at the same time, only 2 streams are allowed to be accessed simultaneously.

2. Decide Who Will Be In Charge Of The Playback

Until or unless the host wants, every watch party member can control the playback of the streaming video. Moreover, choosing the one who can fast-forward and rewind the movie/web series is also in the hands of the host.

3. Set Ground Rules On The Group Chat

The last step belongs to personalizing the group chat with cool user icons and usernames on Netflix Teleparty Party. Further, in the group chat, users can use emojis, GIFs, and even screenshots, to express their reviews and to spice up the conversation.

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