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How To Watch YouTube Together With Your Friends Using Teleparty

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You might have yet to hear about creating a YouTube Party using Teleparty. If it's true, you might complete the below section with information regarding the same. So stop thinking and make plans once again to create a watch party for your friends. But this time, bring a change by switching to YouTube Watch Party via Teleparty. Please don’t get confused; nowadays, it is also known as YT Party or YT Watch Party. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether you are creating a YouTube Party for your friends, coworkers, or family members; it is for everyone.

Moreover, by installing the Teleparty extension, you can stream all your favorite shows and movies together with your friends on YouTube. Yes, even via the Teleparty extension, you can watch movies and shows with your friends on different streaming platforms. And these can be Netflix, Disney, HBO, Hotstar, Hulu, Paramount Channel, HBO Max, Peacock TV, and YouTube. If you think that due to distance, you won’t be able to enjoy watching videos glitch-free? Then, you need to rethink as its playback videos in sync features offer perfect syncing of streaming video that you are watching simultaneously.

Furthermore, the distance will never be a bother in your video streaming experience with your friends. As the
Teleparty Extension comes with global accessibility that enables streaming via YT Party worldwide. After learning about so much within a single go, let’s create a YouTube Party with some of its blissful features.

How to Create a YouTube Party Using Teleparty?

1. Install the Teleparty Extension
Begin by clicking on the "Add to Chrome" button appearing at the top to install the Teleparty extension in the browser. Optionally, you can opt for the Chrome Web Store to get this extension. Afterward, pin the Teleparty extension to the toolbar of your browser.

2. Log in to your Youtube Account
Next, visit the official streaming site or app of YouTube on your system. And then, log in to your subscribed account and start playing your favorite video. Don’t forget to launch the extension by clicking the "TP" button from the video play screen. Doing so will help you to generate the Watch Party invitation link to invite people.

3. Create your Watch Party
Once you get that YouParty link, copy it and then send it to your friends. And the other people you would like to invite to your YT Watch Party. But ensure that even the joiners must already have Teleparty installed on their device.

4. Watch Together
The last step leads you toward joining the
YouTube Party. Therefore, click on the YouTube Watch Party invitation link to join the party. And make it even more entertaining by using the Group Chat feature to make your streaming experience more engaging.

Fun Loaded Beneficial Features of YouTube Party

1. SynchronizeUsing this Synchronization feature lets everyone at your Teleparty automatically play videos in real-time sync. Hence, clicking the play button results in all the screens being in perfect sync. Even with an option to show everyone the same thing.2. ChatYou might be mistaken if you think that YouTube Watch Party is all about streaming. As it has a chat feature that lets you and your friends chat with each other. Also, via the chat feature, you can share your reviews, thoughts, and expressions via messages and emojis.3. Global AccessibilityWith the worldwide availability feature, the Teleparty extension lets you connect with people worldwide. Yes, you heard it right; via this feature, you can easily stream videos at your YouTube Party with all your distant friends from different locations.4. CompatibilityThe Teleparty extension doesn’t restrict itself to a single device, as it can be compatible with several devices. And these are macOS, Windows, Linux, laptops, and Chromebooks. Besides a suitable device, you must also have a compatible web browser for installation, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.5. HD ResolutionsIn order to enjoy a better viewership experience, always maintain HD resolution, which provides a better picture quality in HD resolution along with fast buffering speeds. So turn “ON” your movie night and dig into the world of nirvana.

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