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How To Watch JioCinema Together With Your Friends Using Teleparty

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It's time to bring Indian Television, shows, and movies to your home only at the JioCinema Party. Yes, it is possible to do so after downloading and installing the JioCinema Party Extension. Once you download this extension, it will be easy for you to create your JioCinema Watch party. So you can watch all your favorite movies and shows at the JioCinema Watch Party with your friends and close friends. And share those entertainment vibes with ones you feel connected with and love to spend time with. You can better understand the JioCinema as an unconventional wave in the history of Indian cinema streaming. 

Moreover, you must be aware of the fact that JioCinema is India's own OTT platform that offers a lot more than TV shows, movies, and web series on a single platter. Plus, watching all this streaming content by installing the Jio Cinema Party extension becomes absolutely free. But simultaneously, the streaming service comes into the Jio Recharge Plan. So the JioCinema Watch party host can get access to all its content library. In order to accelerate its streaming services, everything required is nothing but an app of JioCinema on your smartphone, PC/laptop. Hence, create your own JioCinema Watch party to reunite all your close ones.        


How To Host A Jiocinema Watch Party?

1. Install the Extension

Start by downloading and installing the Teleparty, JioCinema Party Extension on your device. To directly add this JioCinema party extension to your browser, click here. Besides, you must have a compatible web browser to download the extension, either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

2. Pin It

Next, you need to pin the JioCinema party extension to your browser's toolbar. Therefore, click the icon after the address bar in the browser's toolbar, then tap the pin icon. If you can’t find the extension, click on the puzzle icon to enable accessing it.

3. Log in to JioCinema

You can’t get started without logging into the official website of the streaming service on your device. Therefore, without even wasting a single moment, log into your account. Also, the other Jio Cinema Party watch viewers must have their own service subscription. 

4. Search & Stream

After logging into your streaming account, search and select the movie or show that you would like to watch with your buddies. Once you have started playing the video, pause it for a while. 

5. Create a Watch Party

Now from the video playing screen, jump onto the browser, then tap the extension icon button to activate it. Next, it will show you a "Create A Watch Party'' window on your screen. And there, you will also find a "Start A Party" button, which you need to click to create a JioCinema Party invitation link. Once you have created it, copy the link and share it with everyone who you would love to watch movies and shows with. 

6. Join the Watch Party

Last, but not least, join the JioCinema watch party with your friends and other distant close ones. Therefore, click on the invitation URL you received from your friend, or watch the party's host. Simultaneously, everyone at the watch party must already have the Jio Cinema Party extension installed on their device. 

Astonishing Attributes Of the Jiocinema Watch Party

1. Extensive Accessibility

Users can easily find the availability of the JioCinema Watch Party Extension all over India. So, people from every corner of India or nationwide can easily access it. However, ensure to have an active Jio SIM and Data Plan before creating a Jio Cinema Watch party.

2. Watch Party Control

If you are wondering about having a complete charge of the watch party in your hands? Then, don’t worry; you can easily have it by clicking the "Only I Have Control" button. You can click this button again to release control if you dislike it.  

3. Group Chat

Your JioCinema Party is complete with having a hot & piping chat-chat with your friends. Therefore, here you have a “Group Chat” feature that lets you chat with your friends along with watching movies and TV shows. To make your chat even more intense, share emojis with text messages to make your steaming experience even more audible. 

4. Synchronized Streaming

Undoubtedly, nobody likes to stream in a glitch full manner; therefore, here is a resolution. Which is synchronized streaming that enables video playback in real time for everyone. Consequently, it will help you to stream Bollywood movies, Daily Soap, OTT, or Series in a perfect loop. 

5. Profile Personalization

Nobody prefers to have a flat and flavorless watch party profile. Therefore, to bring an essence of excitement and change to it, you can opt for a “Profile Personalization” feature. Using it lets you make changes or customize your JioCinema party profile by choosing an avatar and a unique username.

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