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How do you Watch Netflix together with your Friends using Teleparty

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Now it’s no harder to stream your favorite Netflix videos with your friends via Teleparty. The reason for this is the availability of Teleparty on a number of streaming platforms, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Hotstar, Hulu, and HBO Max. Consequently, it lets you stream your favorite movies, shows, series, animation, etc., along with your friends and close ones. 

Moreover, to make it happen, you need to install the Teleparty extension on your smart device. If you don’t know, Teleparty Chrome Extension is an easily accessible chrome extension that enables Teleparty Netflix. Apart from this, installing the Netflix Teleparty Extension enables you to stream in real-time with seamless syncing. Furthermore, regarding its features, it has worldwide accessibility that lets you stream worldwide. Another one is control over the Netflix Teleparty, which allows you to make settings of the streaming video as per your choice. 

But to do this, it is important for you to be the host or creator of the watch party. The other collective features are live group chit-chat, HD streaming, and customization or personalization profile option. To learn how to enable Teleparty on the Netflix streaming platform, follow the information below.                

How to Watch Netflix Together with your Friends using Teleparty?

Here, you have some steps that you need to follow to install the Teleparty extension on your device. So you can create your Teleparty on Netflix and stream your favorite streaming content along with your distant ones. And here they are: 

1.Teleparty Extension Installation 

First, you need to install the Watch Party extension using a web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera Mini, etc. Apart from this, ensure to use any of the devices, including Chromebook, Windows, macOS, PCs/Laptops, etc., for processing. 

2.Pin the Teleparty Extension 

Next, you need to pin the Netflix Teleparty extension in the toolbar. And to make it happen, you will see a TP button beside the address bar, which you need to pin to the chrome toolbar. In case the TP button doesn’t display, click on the “ Teleparty“ puzzle icon. You can find the “Teleparty“ puzzle icon beside the address bar, which you need to pin to the chrome toolbar.

3.Sign in to Netflix 

After that, you need to sign in to the Netflix streaming platform if you are an existing user. But if you are not, then you need to create your Netflix account once you own its subscription. 

4.Search, Select & Stream

Now start with searching, selecting, and streaming your favorite video. But before this, you need to log in to the Netflix streaming website. So you can search and play the video you selected to stream at your watch party with your friends.

5.Create a Watch Party

Further, click on the “TP button” next to your browser's address bar to create your Watch Party. As a result, you see a “Create a watch party” open window. Here, you need to click on the “Start a Party” button to generate the Netflix teleparty party link. Next, you must copy the watch party link to share it with all the members. To have control over the watch party, enable the “Only I have Control” button. And to quit the controllability, disable the “Only I have Control” button.  

6.Join a Teleparty Watch Party

Last but not least, end the process by joining the watch party, which can be done if you implement the above steps appropriately. Therefore, sign in to the Netflix streaming platform and open the watch party link your friend or the party's host share. Also, remember to install the Teleparty extension, as it is important to join the watch party. Hence, clicking on the watch party link will automatically redirect you to the Netflix Teleparty. 

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